Friday, May 25, 2012

We have (almost) Officially MOVED IN!

     As of today, May 25th, we have moved everything we owned to our new house!
It has been a long and arduous haul, but we are mere weeks of work away from being 'moved in'
I'm counting moved in same as Mrs. Incredible. when the last box is unloaded
She should know, how many time has she moved?!

      The sad thing about moving is realizing how much junk you've acquired over the years. Lucky for me, one of my worst nightmares is being a hoarder, so I systematically throw away stuff every other month or so and downsize.  Which also made it fairly easy to pack, since when I downsize, I downsize stuff into boxes. So everything was basically packed 5 months before we moved.
Shoot me if I get this bad

      We have torn out carpets and hauled in truckloads of junk, pulled weeds and bleached floors, cleaned fridges and slept on hard-wood floors, and finally was are that much closer to being done. thank god.

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