Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well we have finally bought our first house! well, not really. we have been approved by a bank who took forever to tell us that we can try to by the house they own. (they did an annoying 'nanananana' the whole time we waited.) But we should be moving in in about two weeks!

It's an adorable townhouse with so much awesome, I swear one of the closets leads to Narnia! We get a little yard to do whatever we want with! (totally doing something awesome........I'll think of it later)

Maybe I could plant a garden??? I might kill it. My thumb is the opposite shade of green! the blood of plants I kill by accident.

We are definitely getting a grill so we can have epic parties in our epic small yard.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the whole 'extra rooms' thing. My god, I have 2 entirely frivolous rooms! And I'm not talking about living rooms or dining rooms. I'm talking about BEDrooms. 2 completely useless bedrooms. and a basement! A BASEMENT!!!!!

Oh my god, I have 2 living rooms. The basement and the upstairs!

I'm going to feel so small in this house.

 Well, I also got a sexy little truck. Just look at the sexy!

Just look at it!! Look at that horrifyingly lovable homegrown paint job!

I love this truck so much and I haven't even gotten it registered yet.

I did do a bunch of hunting for all the parts it needs to pass inspection
             -speedometer (still looking)
             -latch assembly for driver side door (still looking)

I have no idea why I love this truck. The driver's side door doesn't open, the speedometer doesn't work (there is no needle) it had a CB radio crammed into the dash and jerry-rigged to the car battery, it's rusty, smells like smoke, dirt, cows and sheep, the ceiling is falling down/apart, it didn't have a bumper when I bought it, the seat didn't move back and forth (I fixed that too), it roars like a lion in first gear (I hate being loud) and it has a CAMO PAINT JOB. and Dale Earnhardt stickers. blegh. I haven't even started about the undercarriage.

Everything about this truck is wrong.

Yet so.....right.

It's like this truck was made for me. We were meant to be together.

Everytime I see it, I squee inside. The joy just bubbles up and I give out a little Pinkie Pie happiness noise! This truck knows me and I know it. And we will love each other for a long time.

I will be painting it different and some might think my custom paint job I'm thinking of is worse then the camo.

But this truck is my best friend and we both agree, camo got to go.

I'll be giving updates as I help my truck get a new paint job and name :)

PS. Name suggestions?

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